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Our region has a new rule concerning costumes for all competitions up-to and including U9 boys & girls!
Please see our syllabus for this important rule. The rule WILL BE ENFORCED for all dancers, regardless of home region.

04-04-2015: We've processed all check payments that have been mailed to us. Remember, your registration is only considered complete once we have your payment.

03-29-2015: Injury checks are provided by an OSU Sports Medicine Physical Therapist who specializes in Performing Arts Medicine and has competition and teaching experience in Irish Dance. Our team understands the unique needs of the dancer. We can be the first line of defense to help the dancer understand more about their body, provide self-care tips, and provide referrals to other medical practitioners as needed. Participation in the injury checks is for the benefit of the dancers, and in no way affects scoring, or precludes participants from competition. Walk-ins are welcomed!

03-22-2015: Just a quick reminder, all registrations for our feis are at

03-08-2015: All currently confirmed musicians and adjudicators have been posted on this web site.

02-23-2015: We have updated our syllabus for the 2015 season. We still expect to open on or about March 1st at We'll be updating the musician and adjudicator lists in the next day or two.

02-17-2015: We have a date! We are expecting to open the feis for registration on or about March 1st. There are some very important rule change this year that you all need to be aware of, especially if you are from a region other than ours. Stay tuned for details...