Registered Entry Count: 636 (04/12/2014), last mailbox sweep: 04/12/2014.
Our feis is run completely by the following volunteers.
Please be sure to pass along a 'Thank You' to them for all that they do.

ChairpersonLori Seeman
TreasurerBob Warner
Entries/EFeisNick Jacobs
RegistrationTammy Murray
AdjudicatorsTeresa Buck
MusiciansJim Butke
Medals/RibbonsJay Seeman
TrophiesBill Butke
AwardsGabrielle Agner
SyllabusLori Seeman
SponsorsErin Simmer
Grounds & StagesJay Seeman
Admissions & ParkingTom Harvey, Mike McKenzie, Mark Heffernan AOH
Stage MonitorsTeresa Hodgkiss
Stage RunnersAndrea Sullivan
Feis ResultsLaura (Warner) Thomson, Quickfeis
TabulatingRich Masterson, Kris Callahan, Quickfeis
PostingKathy McVey
Food HostessVicki Gaffney
VendorsLori Seeman
Music CompetitionMary Ann Beach
Web ManagerNick Jacobs
National AnthemsKate, Anna, Rose & Grace Shaffer, Casey Murray