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As with most feisanna, the Akron Feis is not responsible for missed competitions based on assumptions made from our schedule. Many factors may cause a stage to run faster than others. Please be sure to allow yourself plenty of time before your competition.

Music and Vocal competitions will run from 10:00am to Noon, followed by the Gordon Shaffer Best of the Best award, during the lunch break. You may compete at any time. Once all registered competitors have competed, or it is noon, we will automatically close all music & vocal competitions, which ever occurs first.

Akron 2014 Stage Schedule Version 2

Revision History:
DateRevision NumberComments
5/20/20142014.02Adjusted to address concerns for male combination competitions.
5/20/20142014.01Stage schedule posted.

Akron 2014 Syllabus

Revision History:
DateRevision NumberComments
4/12/20142014.03Added a map, added the NAFC music competitions being held in Cleveland.
2/27/20142014.02Better description of how to pay, register, general miscellaneous updates.
2/1/20142014.01Updated for 2014 Feis.